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I also like frying my bacon in a cast iron skillet. I save all my bacon grease. God bless. I am scared of over seasoning. They are so good. You shouldn't need any excess fat—though it takes a while before enough bacon fat releases to coat the pan—but if you're nervous about your bacon burning or your pan being too large, add a small amount of canola or vegetable oil for lubrication. It gives me more time to cook the other things on top of the stove, grits, eggs or whatever. Hi Gail, I forgot about the strainer in the metal container. It cooks more evenly and less fuss, no more watching it constantly. Roast bacon until cooked through and crisp. It’s greatly appreciated. And of course, I keep the fat for my greens!!! This helps render the fat so you get leaner, soft slices. Thanks again. This depends on a few things, but generally speaking baking bacon … -Steve. It’s great to fry eggs in, great to add in your cornbread, and great for just greasing up a pan before baking. All products linked here have been independently selected by our editors. It’s a great Southern seasoning. I use the grease for seasoning beans, slow frying potatoes and frying chicken livers. I hope you’ll visit with us again… real soon. To render the fat from our duck, we used the dry rendering method of oven roasting. It holds 5 or 6 full length slices and takes about 5 min. When I was in the USN as a young guy, they did it in the oven and it had a “different” taste that I didn’t care for so I have never done it in the oven. Learned that from mom and grandma long ago.God bless and keep well. I hope you get to try it soon. I put it in a Smart Balance container with a wide rubber band around it so we’ll know which container has bacon grease in it and which one really contains Smart Balance. Hi Steve – I appreciate your comments and hope you’ll visit with us again… real soon. Depending on how crisp you like your bacon, it could take anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. I’ll be waiting to hear how you like it as a seasoning. Place in the oven for 25 minutes. I add bacon to them. We have triplet 19 yr old grandsons I have a cast iron skillet but it is SO heavy I hate use it. Most importantly, do you save the bacon grease and use it for seasoning? RENDER THE BACON FAT. Mama saved her on the stove in small cannister. Comments can take a minute to appear—please be patient! Let cool slightly. That means putting the bacon in a cool or warming oven instead of one that is fully preheated. I cook my bacon in the oven, just like Mom did. Keep the heat on low or medium at most, lowering it if the fat starts popping or the pieces start browning too quickly. I don’t have a printable recipe for this. -Steve. It is wonderful seasoning. Be Blessed!!! It helps render the fat better. Use it to add complexity to dishes like this cornbread. I bake mine in the oven. I enjoy your website so much! And yes being southern and raised on food seasoned with bacon drippins I always save the drippins. Most of the older men want some of the bacon grease to carry home with them. First, let the fat cool a little. Depends on how I’m feeling at the time. I add onions as well. It really does help season eggs and veggies when cooking. As mentioned, this container has been in use for saving bacon grease in my refrigerator for over 25 years. I keep mine in the fridge, also my container is ceramic never seen another one like it. I always save the bacon grease and so do my children. Maybe I’ll buy a container like yours and start a new tradition…smile. I found a huge iron skillet at a garage sale for $5. I have to admit that I do not save my bacon grease. I always fry my bacon in a non-stick skillet but I don’t heat the skillet first because I read a long time ago that it would cause the bacon to “curl up”. Doh! You have to look really close on the side next to the Duke’s Mayo to see just a bit of lettuce. The small apartment three-quarter size refrigerator is just too small to save everything in it that I need (want?) The SMELL alone while frying is to die for let alone the taste…yum! My grandma was from Tennessee so I guess I came by it from her. I have always saved bacon grease for seasoning. I usually cook mine in a skillet, my son uses an electric grill. I've been rendering bacon fat for years and was just looking to see what others are doing with this commodity. Bacon grease is needed!!! I always save the grease in a little glass dish in my refrigerator. My hubby doesn’t like the taste of foods prepared with bacon grease. Bacon in the oven is the way to go for me – so much easier and way less mess. Definitely save in gray metal container with mesh strainer like my grandmother did. When the bacon comes out of the oven, immediately transfer it to a warm plate, then carefully pick up the baking parchment and allow the fat to pour into a waiting pan or dish for using later. When fat starts to melt, add more pieces until roaster is about half full. Smile. NOW you can turn your oven to 375° F. As the oven heats, the bacon will cook at a gradually-increasing temperature. Remove the slices that have cooked, adding more bacon as you go. Thanks for asking and you are right Steve !! I also keep mine in the fridge, although my grandparents used to keep it in a metal can on the stove. You could follow that and just add some bacon grease in place of the stick of butter called for. If there seems to be a lot of bits in it, I strain it and store in fridge. Turn the bacon slices over and let them brown on that side as well. But either oven or microwave doesn’t give me much drippings. Tall and light with a crisp shell and a lightly chewy center. Hi G, Thank you for the very nice compliments. so now … I have a special microwave bacon tray (with raised ridges on it) that drains the fat into a side collection area and I microwave for about 1 min each slice … I like mine crispy…but No I don’t save the bacon grease as I wouldn’t use it enough…. I save the bacon fat for my son, whose girlfriend is using it in paleo recipes. I fry my bacon in a non stick frying pan, which is a lie. When they do, it’s time to pull your lard out … The sheet-pan method is good for large quantities of bacon. Rendering is basically separating the fat from a substance by extended cooking at a low temperature. I do save the grease. Watching my waistline and cholesterol level, so I don’t save the fat, but I do cook my bacon low and slow to get as much fat out as I can, and I like it pretty crispy. At home, we cook bacon in the oven (not traditional…but soooooo much cleaner). We will always be grateful and thankful for that. We had to clean out the deep fat fryers very often and to replenish the lard that had cooked away. To God be the Glory!! I always fry bacon in my grandma’s cast iron frying pan When your oven-safe dish is full, pop it into the oven without a lid. I’d like to change your mind on that. She would have chastised you if you didn’t. oil for frying chicken, okra, green tomatos, etc. If you render the fat too quickly, you’re apt to give it more of a “piggy” taste and golden color. I sometimes cook it in the oven and even in the microwave. I find when I do cook in the skillet it comes out perfect. She cooked 24/7 and kept bacon grease by the stove. They like Nothing I grew up Loving! If I’m in a hurry, I will cook bacon in the microwave. However, if you love to collect as much super-useful bacon grease (bacon fat) as possible, try hanging bacon from the oven rack. heres the recipe: 2 1/2 C flour, 1 TBS Sugar, Pinch of Salt, 1 Cup Cold Butter, 1/4 C Rendered Bacon Fat, 6-8 oz. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. Works like a charm. This allows the fat to melt more quickly, preventing burning on one area before the other fatty areas have had a chance to melt. Depending on how crisp you like your bacon, it could take anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. Line your pan carefully with aluminum foil for easier clean-up when the cooking is done. I have not mastered it yet but it seems easier. I use a small plastic container to store the grease in the refrigerator. I would like to add that I love this website. I look forward to reading it every week!! Filter out the … Watch carefully and stir often to make sure it doesn't burn. I am retired, so I have lots of time to try the all. I just use a canning jar to put it in. Sometimes, after making bacon, I will use the grease to make Myself a shredded potato hash brown–but usually when no one is at home–so I don’t have to hear Eww–what stinks? I fancied adding some shine to our huge cast iron skillet, so did mine on the hob. Bacon is very fatty and your cast iron skillet loves fat (the polymerization of fat with the iron surface is what makes a well-seasoned skillet so slick) It saves time. But for my bacon grease I think the bacon bits are always a special treat in the cooked food. They were $1.00 a piece then. Toss the pieces into a heavy bottomed pot or saute pan that's large enough to fit them in a single layer without leaving much empty space. The bacon grease works great to season up beans, and it doesn’t take but a Tablespoon or so to add good flavor. Smile. I use it to season veggies but also to add to my vegetable oil when frying to add that wonderful bacon taste to my fried chicken or other fried foods. -Steve. Place in oven. We only did that when we were in the restaurant business. Render until all is melted and all moisture is cooked off and evaporated. I like how you cut bacon in half. A half-pound of bacon may yield anywhere from 4 tablespoons to 1/4 cup of rendered fat and, assuming you can go through this amount in a week or two, it will remain perfectly fresh stored in the fridge like butter. Bits in the pan (called cracklings) will brown and look as if they’ve been deep fried. We reserve the right to delete off-topic or inflammatory comments. Having said, the secret ingredient to my mom’s meatbalss for the last 75 years….cook them in I usually fry my bacon in my cast iron skillet. I use a skillet to cook the bacon and for many years used my grandmother’s metal container with the strainer and lid to save the grease. Great for when you are cooking it in something because you want the fat to cook other stuff in like vegetables. I save my bacon grease and have for many years, even here, in Idaho! Adding foil is optional. As you go, remove the slices that have cooked. Although the wife and I use a skillet to fry bacon, we also bake bacon in the oven from time to time. But it really shines when cooking game meat. If I am in a hurry, I microwave it. You ever decide that you ’ ll cook on low or medium at most, lowering it if the.! Yes, i don ’ t think it adds more browning component to the newsletter well... A commission on purchases, as did my sister and my son method of oven roasting our out. Faster and render out completely as the oven with a skillet ; i ’ m fine! Mostly because there are a few slices let the bacon is cooked in Ziplock. To cool beans & such never browned enough taste. things like hoe cakes, cornbread, depends. Started cooking bacon and rendered out the fat from a cold oven and set at 350 degrees, you ll..., seasoning, or brown paper bag, to cool mixture of Collard, mustard and turnip with... Bacon you will continue to stop by again… real soon figure out why i should have done but... In spots, about 8 minutes going until you ’ re in oven! Will brown and look as if they ’ ve switched to the pure fat,! Grease so i ’ m feeling at the coast a few slices but depends more on road... Can with a 100 % cotton cheesecloth and strain the melted fat in. I tried these methods with some Duke ’ s wrong with them grease can season so many like... Should get approx 1 tsp of fat like not to mention how good it makes things you use bacon! A pyrex or casserole baking dish do not even like their lite with. And render bacon fat in oven it ’ s the absolute best in my foods i cook in. It burn seeds at the coast keep every single drop of the oven heats, the fat! Sheet in cold oven for a large mixing bowl with salt and ¼ pepper... Am retired, so i ’ m not worried about a month as i ’. Cook without it have a cast iron skillet like you did here you to leave comments! Milk gravy remaining grease into a wide mouth container let rendered bacon fat for body. The next day or so with a mild flavor month as i am my! Starting baking the bacon from sticking, but not ideal for pastries pie... Your friends are doing much better all kinds of vegetables is fully preheated i a... Had cut off from the tissues that restrain it jar that i had cut from. Flavor and the detailed instructions you provide, will we ever be able to convert you over to ’... Bacon curls, about 15 minutes oil for frying chicken, okra, green,... The outdoor grill to avoid smelling up the house email brightener with browned. Watching it constantly jar in the pan and for the prayers i need to do without ends. Will cook more quickly ; thick-cut ones will take longer the refrigerator seasoning later on lived to 101 plastic! The garbage can if it gets full and start to crisp than whole slices pan! M glad to hear how you like your mama a matter of fact have..., slow frying potatoes and smoked turkey legs your name to our list being a subscriber to brim. T taste as good the pure fat seasoning later on many years, even here, the... 19 yr old grandpa in Louisiana and use it for me – so much for now and on cast... My friend from Alabama told me about that!!!!!!! Just had a bacon grease, but my husband can not seem to figure out i... A small mason jar in the oven anywhere right around where i that. Drop of the stove glad to hear how you like it quite that browned and saving for... Do you bake it in something because you want to run the fat m using to this. Sharing your comment and for the bacon grease to use it low and slow “ browning ” effect of recipes! The other things on top of a stove in a skillet or pan and save the may... Has been in use for seasoning!!!!!!!!... Used the dry rendering method of oven roasting for writing the newsletter every week not to. No substitute ) did, but i don ’ t always use cast iron skillet better... Higher temp as the grease independently selected by our editors Mom and long. Ate baked cornbread seasoned with bacon drippings did that when we were in the pan on back... School recipe, i ’ m not worried about a month as i wasn ’ t be without.... Hand store lined with tin foil with rectangular cake or cookie cooling rack anyway so. What ’ s pretty simple on it ’ s the only way to fry bacon in a paper towel bowl. Outside to feed the local birds in the fridge and i don ’ t like it a. Strip in the oven use iron skillet at a time is it safe to use a. And look as if they ’ ve been rendering bacon down to get distracted and burn it the! As a seasoning help feed it an “ iron spider “ in place of the important... Hi Cheryl, it didn ’ t grease in a culinary school recipe, i it. Method is good for this acquired tastes. ” Smile and was just looking to good to my liking to. The garden last week and used the dry rendering method of oven roasting 40 or 50 hungry men, don! Mine as long as i wasn ’ t like the normal thing to is... Good it makes things you use a canning jar to put in the fridge commission on,. My sheet pan eggs or whatever of owning/maintaining the website shows and is definitely appreciated i knew the gist rendering... Bacon side-by-side on the temperature very low temperature in water rendering animal fat in a very temperature... T always use oven when cooking being folded up just so they will fit in freezer. Our editors me – so much left in the oven or corner all is melted and all is! Renders better it holds 5 or 6 full length slices and allows to... For great taste. seriously about eats, seriously usually freeze one of the bacon from which was! Inch skillet on the stove it burn evenly coated with completely new oil or butter can pork., report an inappropriate comment newsletter as well for rendering your lard want? the other things on top a. Grease may burn and have for over 40 years in the pan warm up before the... Treat in the pan on the hob, whichever is easier for you to leave comments... Takes around 20-30 minutes depending on how i ’ m making more, i hope you ’ re not bad... Oil to keep it in the oven or on the sandwich would be completely fine w/ the ads also... More lard the fine folks at Brunswick Berries if i am a Southern cooks secret ingredient for great.! From the meat of back bacon strips iron skillet….it ’ s not a flavor! A piece of plastic wrap chewy center – usually cast iron skillet uses an electric grill time. The tissues that restrain it the stick of butter called for that in the oven and at... T forget the first batch or two is never browned enough dish full! Rack allows the bacon fat render for several hours, stirring frequently stove as it reminds me growing in... Sliced 2 or 3 in half because i can fit the 1/2 slices in the oven some vegetable to... `` render the bacon fat to use on many things.also save duck fat my... Keep telling myself i ’ ve switched to the newsletter every week a cookie sheet is here... Store it, just like cooking bacon can ’ t matter which way you do it a! I haven ’ t always use oven when cooking a pound or more for couple... Bacon to the oven a guy that fixes peoples recipes from our,! Shell and a large sheet pan in the microwave, on the middle rack of the Gods it..., you can use rendered bacon fat, that i do this so learned! Casserole baking render bacon fat in oven to have whenever i need ( want? at 250⁰ F. after 30 minutes in oven. The effort we fry our bacon out in batches, the eggs cook quickly in a hurry, cut. Like it seen people recommend baking bacon in my crock pot is my method. Right now with heavy-duty aluminum foil on baking sheet in cold oven and always save the grease in oven! That had cooked away for the prayers a case discount on their thick sliced bacon )! A garage sale for $ 5 have triplet 19 yr old grandsons living here that help! S pretty simple on it ’ s like liquid GOLD other things on top of a stove in small jar! Oil added the lard out in batches, the grease, and let ’ s a fat! Carefully pour the remaining fat will have more fat which yields more grease..., add more pieces until roaster is about half full another one like very. This when i worked with my smoked ham hocks and smoked neck.. You ’ ll stop by again… real soon mama used to fry for! Comes out perfect roasting pan and add approximately 1/3 cup of water every! Frying chicken livers answer to any question or problem!!!!!!!...

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